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At first, you might think that we are rather new transport architects of recyclables since we only just launched in 2021. But we have been active for many years.

REKUPP is a partnership of Remant Globe Logistics and Steelduxxboasting decades of experience in logistic niches. So yeah, it’s safe to say that we’ll soon be incontournable within the recyclables industry.

We’re on a mission to make an environmental impact!


Equipment management, handling and shipping recyclables, customs formalities, years of experience, … When you work with REKUPP, there’s no need to worry whether your recyclables will reach their destination.

A network of experts

Every logistic player can claim that they’ll offer competitive rates and flexible logistic solutions. So do we, but what makes REKUPP stand out from the crowd is our creativity and an outstanding network of experts. We have connections in the Benelux, Europe, and China but also in India, Pakistan, …

Let’s conquer the world!


You have recyclables, and we have the equipment & knowledge. I think we need to get in touch!


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